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This new gel contoured flexi pillow is designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and support. With a cool gel and memory foam combination, it's the perfect choice for ergonomic contoured support, with a cool sleep surface.


The gel flexi pillow features a foam layer at the bottom of the pillow that can be removed to allow you to customise the pillow height to your own requirements.


The memory foam structure conforms to your neck and head shape with limited resistance.


Designed to reduce tossing and turning and aid pressure relief as well as reducing the temperature for hot sleepers.



Benefits of the flexi Chiropractic Pillow gel:


 •Comfort and pressure relief - the slow recovery visco elastic and gel materials are designed to conform to your body shape providing unparalleled pressure relief and comfort. The gel will cool the sleeping surface temperature as well.


 •The gel flexi pillow is adjustable with its height variation to suit most body frames. Removing the base will lower the pillow allowing you to achieve the comfort level that you require.


 •Healthy sleep posture - it has a gentle or a moderate contour that helps you achieve a healthy sleeping posture. A neutral spine retains three natural curves: a small hollow at the base of the neck, a small roundness at the middle back and a small hollow in the lower back.


Features of the flexi Chiropractic pillow gel :


 •Washable Bamboo pillow cover - The soft cover includes bamboo, which is a natural and eco-friendly fibre that is supremely comfortable.


Sizes of the gel 'flexi pillow':


 •Width (side to side) 57.5 cm

 •Depth (front to back) 35.5 cm

 •Heights: The gel pillow features a high and low side:


 ◦High End 135mm with insert, 110 mm without insert

 ◦Low End 115mm with insert,  90 mm without insert

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